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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Do You Charge By the Hour?
    Yes, our cleaning charges by an hourly rate. You can choose any amount of hours as long as its at least 2 hours. Please not that the cleaning may be split into more than one day depending on the hours.
  • Do You Offer Video Consultations?
    Yes this can be arranged on request by the customer.
  • Can you book a service for the same day?
    Yes you can, as long as there is availability
  • Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?
    At, the moment we only accept bank transfer.
  • Can I book any of the services for weekend?
    yes but that will occur additional charges of £1.
  • What is the minimum amount of time you have to commit for?
    A minimum of 4 weeks for weekly and fortnightly cleaning. But you don't need to commit yourself for Deep and One-Off cleanings.
  • What is offered in laundry and ironing service?
    Laundry service includes washing, drying and folding and putting away of things. Ironing includes ironing.

Client information

Agency Services and Fees 

A big part of the service we provide takes place even before you’ve come our way. We’re constantly advertising for cleaners and going through our strict interview and vetting processes to make sure that we can always meet your needs. All cleaners are aware of their feedback and the areas that require improvements are addressed. This helps us to improve our standards. From time to time the price might increase as we compare it with the minimum wage, living wage and inflation rates. Where we find it is becoming difficult to register good quality cleaners, we may increase the minimum rate the cleaner should be paid. Should this happen, we will write to you with plenty of notice. 


You may consider giving your cleaner a key to your house so that they can work whilst you are out. Often cleaners prefer to work on their own as there are no distractions for them. This is entirely up to you. We’ll send you a key receipt for your cleaner to sign - please note that this arrangement is between you and the cleaner. The agency is not responsible for keys. Keys are never passed to anyone else, and you can be assured that they will not be identified in the unlikely event they are misplaced 

All cleaners are instructed to call you if at any time they won’t be able to make the regular appointment. If the problem is just with that one day or time, the cleaner will try to arrange a different time with you. If this isn’t possible, or if they are likely to be off for a while, then we can offer you a temporary cleaner. Please note that we can’t do   this automatically as we’d never send someone new to your home without your knowledge, so any time you need cover please call us and we’ll arrange it for you. Your cleaner should give you plenty of notice when they’re going on holiday. If you need a temporary cleaner just give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you. If your cleaning visit is on a bank holiday, we expect your cleaner to liaise directly with you to reschedule. If this is not possible, please contact the office. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t work out and there may come a time where you have problems with your cleaner’s reliability or standards. All you need to do is call us! We will either resolve the problem for you, or change the cleaner, whichever you prefer. 

Materials and Equipment 

The cleaner will use your materials and equipment. We work this way to ensure that only the products that you choose are suitable for your home. It’s also much more hygienic to use equipment already in the home and of course it keeps the cost of the service down. Please ensure that you have a good supply of materials for the cleaner to use and that they know where to find the equipment needed (e.g., know where the hoover is). Please do not ask the cleaner to use bleach, it can be a dangerous product and can also cause a lot of damage if misused. Our insurance will not cover any damage caused by bleach. Also this stops you from saying that the cleaners cleaning materials destroyed your products.

We have a lot of experience in this business and have come across most situations so please don’t hesitate to ask us if anything crops up that’s not in this guide! Please take the time when you meet the cleaner to explain clearly what you expect to be done and to discuss the time that will be needed. One of the most common problems we face is when not enough time is allocated for the work required. The cleaner will do any tasks within reason that you want, but please ensure that all tasks are safe to do. If you prefer, you can leave a list, or we can supply you with a task sheet to complete. You can of course change the jobs you want to be done on each visit. If at any time you’re not happy with the standard of work, the first step is to go through this with your cleaner. Often these are simple misunderstandings which can be cleared up very quickly. If this doesn’t help just call us, we’ll be more than happy to send you a new cleaner. But please remember that it may take several weeks to establish a good cleaning routine. You’ll know already that you pay the cleaner separately to the agency. Please bear in mind that the cleaner depends on this as their income, so please ensure the money is left out on the day (unless you have decided to pay by bank transfer). If there’s ever a time that, through no fault of the cleaner, they can’t get into your home to work or you have to cancel at very short notice, please compensate the cleaner for this. At very short notice it’s unlikely we can find alternative work to make up the cleaner’s earnings. Finally, the rate that we suggest for the cleaner is a minimum guide - if you do find yourself pleased  with the standard of cleaning you are provided with, you may want to consider a small pay rise after a few months. 

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